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It's reassuring to know. After all, when you go away you don't want to leave your beloved pet with just anyone.

Oldfield Pet Boarding homes is very proud of its facilities, they have been constructed with the comfort of our guests in mind, providing them with a secure yet engaging home from home. The Oldfield Pet boarding homes is housed within a spacious, custom-made building and this feature makes Oldfield Boarding pet homes stand out from our competitors.

For the dogs we board at our dog kennels homes is sheltered from the elements and situated in under the same roof as our grooming parlour and staff quarters, ensuring that our guests will always feel warm and secure and safe in the knowledge that a companion is always very close by.

Our large kennels are 5 foot and 6 foot with an 8 foot run. They are heated and fully insulated and vet bedding is provided for extra comfort and warmth.

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